All courses follow a thematic approach that stress everyday situations in the life of a traveler
such as experiences at a hotel, doing shopping, visiting a museum, health issues, experiences
at a restaurant as well as visiting important tourist attractions. The instructional program revolves around tasks and debates designed to make the learner an active participant.

The Language Nest Immersion Program
The Language Nest offers immersion programs in Spanish, French, Italian and EFL (English as a Foreign Language) from beginner to advanced levels. All classes are conducted exclusively in the target language. Class sizes are kept very small- up to 10 students. Students are encouraged to carry on conversations in a variety of situations, exchange pleasantries with one another, express
feelings, ask for directions and talk about themselves in the target language.

All students receive a manual for the purpose of referring to it once the course

has been completed.

Placement Interview
We at Language Nest value our students and it is important that a placement interview take place in order to determine an appropriate level for a participant. It is necessary to gather language background data from the students, after which an oral interview will be arranged through a telephone call.

Please download and fill out this interview form LN_form.pdf.

Once you have answered all the questions
please email it to info@thelanguagenest.com