About the Language Nest
The Language Nest offers immersion programs in French, Italian, Spanish and EFL (English as a foreign Language) from beginner to advanced levels. All classes are conducted in the target language and from the onset students are viewed as active participants who ought to learn how to use the language rather than learning about the language. The philosophy of the programis based on the assumption that learners ought to express themselves from the earliest phases of instruction by doing such things as obtaining information, expressing likes and dislikes, ordering a meal, understanding messages, leaving phone messages, making hotel reservations, renting a car, shopping, expressing opinions and so on.

Parlez-vouz français? Parla italiano? ¿Habla español?
The Language Nest Immersion workshops will help you confidently answer sì or oui!

Are you planning a trip to France, Italy or a Spanish-speaking country soon? Do you intend to communicate in the target language when conducting business or exchanging conversations? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you have come to the right source because we, at Language Nest, have what it takes to train you. If you can invest in a few hours by immersing yourself in a language other than English, we can enable you to communicate sooner than you can imagine.


The Language Nest
Give us a weekend and you will be able to communicate
in French, Italian, Spanish or English