The instructional program revolves around tasks and debates designed to make
the learner an active participant.

Weekend Group Sessions
Weekend group sessions include a total of 15 hours of instruction exclusively in the target language. The schedule is as follows:

Saturday: Orientation 8:30 -9 am
Saturday: Instruction 9am-6 pm
Sunday: Instruction 9am- 3 pm

Executive Business Sessions
Corporate sessions are available for business people who need to conduct business in ESL, Spanish, French or Italian. Emphasis is placed on business terminology, culture and etiquette. These sessions are ideal for executives, salespeople and MBA students.

Medical Sessions
Medical sessions are specifically designed to help health care professionals communicate
with patients in Spanish, Italian or French.

Individual Sessions
Individual sessions are also available as well as tutorial sessions for the preparation of Advanced Placement Examinations and the New State Regents Examinations in French, Italian and Spanish.

Children's Programs
Studies have shown that languages come easy to children and that introducing the study
of a foreign language at an early age can enhance their cognitive skills and improve their communication abilities. We at Language Nest have developed a program that can sustain
a child’s interest in the target language for as long as three hours per session. Children are encouraged to use their foreign language skills by means of role-playing, games and songs.

Quality of Instruction
The Language Nest Immersion program is taught by Dr. Francesco Bonavita and other licensed teachers who are native speakers or who have a native-like fluency in the target language. All teachers are trained in the immersion approach by Dr. Francesco Bonavita.

Group Session Levels
Language Nest uses the oral proficiency guidelines developed by ACFTFL (American
Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) in an effort to establish language abilities
among learners. Thus, group sessions are distinguished among Beginner 1, Beginner 2, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2.